How to Score a Suite Upgrade at Any Hotel (Most of the Time)

How to Score a Suite Upgrade at Any Hotel (Most of the Time)

This guide will show you how to get a suite upgrade at any hotel.


This is a Mileaholic YMMV. (Your Mileage May Vary).

It helps to have conversation skills and sociability 

Also, you need to have some sort of status for the hotel you are staying at. Even the most basic or credit card level one status would work.


Step One:

Before you check in, make sure you do a quick search on available rooms to book the same time frame you booked. Scroll all the way toward the bottom and find any suite on the list that you want to be upgraded to. Now have it pulled up in your phone ready to pull out when I give you the go ahead.


Step Two:

Proceed to check in with the mentality that you want to be friends with the front desk person. Ask them how their day is going. Find something in common and start talking about that. Tell them you’ve been wanting to stay at the hotel for a while or that you’re trying to impress your SO. ASK / RELATE / ASK again


Step Three:

At some point, you should ask your new BFF:

“What room am I getting tonight?”

 They will probably tell you that you have the same room that you booked or that they will give you a better view or higher floor. But we want to go big.


Step Four:

Bust out your phone and say that you saw that this suite is available and have status. So, since it doesn’t look like anyone is going to book the suite this late, is it possible to get it since I do have status?

Throw in that they have a better chance to resell your room than the suite. Most front desk associates eat that line up and agree. In some cases, they will say they need a manager go head and in that case, stick to the same selling point. If you are staying for a short period of time… use that as leverage.


Step Five:

You will either get upgraded or denied. Either way you should ask for a possibility of free breakfast or later checkout.

Some other things you can ask for:

  • Comped valet/parking
  • Free wifi
  • Premium wifi
  • Club level access



Stay confident. Act like you own the place. Stay relaxed. Be patient. Be charming. And most of the time you will at least get something.

At worst, you get what you paid for.

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