Emirates Revamps First Class by Adding Suites and How You Can Get on One for Only $395

Emirates Revamps First Class by Adding Suites and How You Can Get on One for Only $395

During the Dubai Air Show 2017, Emirates announced that it will have a complete redesign of their first class in the new 777-300ERs. This airplane is not to be confused with the A380, aka Shower Class flights. 

The new suites offer about 40 square feet in space and provide complete privacy.

Inspired design by Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan, the suites that are not against a window will feature a virtual projection as if you did have a window. Welcome to the future everyone!

Emirates has no plans to have the redesign suites on its Airbus A380 fleet at this time. It does, however, plan to reduce the number of first-class suites on those planes from 14 to just 11, which result in a larger area but in return limiting availability for redemption as limited supply equal higher demand. 

So how can you get this $20,000 experience for a few hundred dollars?

The answer is with Alaska Airlines.

Emirates Flights are most reasonable and amazing values to book on it's partners points programs; Japan Airlines or Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Air has an easily churnable points system. These points can be transferred from Starwood, but an easier way is to just simply earn directly from Alaska Air's credit cards offered by Bank of America. 

These card offers are usually 30k for their Personal and Business cards. Not nearly enough for you to fly on Emirates First Class as those flights are 150k. 

Fortunately, Alaska Air Credit cards are highly churnable. 

Churnable- Adjective- Able to cycle bonuses repetitively over a short period of time. 

Bank of America has a 2/3/4 rule. This means you will only get approved for at most two cards per rolling 2 months, three cards per rolling 12 months, and four cards per rolling 24 months.

Luckily, 4 cards at 30k a piece will put you at 120k a year in Alaska miles. An SPG Card's bonus would put you over the top. 

The math: 4 (Alaska Credit Cards) * $75 (annual fees) * 1 (SPG Credit Card) + $95 (annual fee) = $395. 

A $395 investment would get you a $21,881 flight!

In addition you are getting a value of an astonishing 14.5 Cents per Point! 

Via   Google  .  com  /flights

Via Google.com/flights

ou may be questioning if this experience is worth opening 5 credit cards for, and it may be pretty wild to do so, but this is one of the best flight classes that exist. A video that may prove this case on its own below. 

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Use Chase Pay Today and Get $30 of Free Food! [Expired]

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