My Side of the Story- American Airlines Flight 2468

My Side of the Story- American Airlines Flight 2468

My flight was out of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and I was on this flight with a few of my friends. This trip was for one of my buddies bachelor party. We decided to do this at the Hard Rock hotel. I actually live in Dallas, TX but the flight from Miami to Punta Cana was available to book with British Airways. Only 30K Avios round trip for business class. What a tremendous value! Especially given that those seats are around $900+.

The flight from Dallas to Miami (Ft Lauderdale) we went with Spirit Airlines. Ironically, if things go wrong with customer service with Spirit, its expected. They don't value customer service and it is well known.

American on the other hand is very different. It is one of the elite airlines in the United States. Customer service is their way of business. Which is why I was stunned when I had my run in with one of the worst flight attendants I have ever encountered on my flights. I fly all the time and I do know what customer service looks like. I had a job in customer service ever since I was 16 through college. I know what is acceptable behavior and what isn't. The flight back to Miami was a great example of this.

The flight started okay. This American flight had nothing special. It was a 737 and business class pretty much just got you a bigger seat that reclined a bit more. Of course the food and drinks.

Everyone says that I should have reserved my choice online. This is a feature that I know of. I, in fact, did this for my flight on the way to PUJ and that's also the reason why I didn't do it on the way back. I preordered the Teriyaki Chicken and it looked very unpleasant. The chicken came out cold and you had to add the fake sauce on it to make it taste decent. I saw the lasagna and asked if I could switch and the FA on that flight said no because the chicken is what I ordered.

Thus, I did not preorder for the flight to Miami. You can never tell how the food comes out or looks because there are no descriptions or pictures when you select online. My strategy backfired though as their were no pastas left when the FA on the flight to Miami finally got to me.

Its not about the pasta. I like to know what procedures are to avoid the situation in the future. That's is where the flight attendant got aggressive. Because he sensed that I was upset. I know that he couldn't magically make a new pasta dish appear. Some of you reading this may still think its about me not getting what I want and making a fuss about it, that is simply not true. I have always worked for everything. Nothing has ever been given to me. I have to fight for everything. I just wanted to know why my row got asked last. I mean, I was in the second rows of business class and the rows behind me and in front of me were asked. That is no order that makes sense in my mind.

The flight attendant gets very aggressive as soon as he offered that I complain with the airline. I said "I will do that. Give me your name"

And that's what you see in the video. I was more shocked than anything. The FA was not trained properly. When you have the job he does, you need to know not to escalate situations with passengers. That is what he did. He doesn't know how to speak politely. Maybe he was frustrated with me, I don't blame him. But yelling back at me with "Shut Up" and "Keep talking to me and I will have you arrested" is not acceptable in any job. Except if when you are given authority to do so or you are my mother. Funny how because I am 20 something, the internet thinks I automatically in the wrong because I "must have done something right before that he intentionally doesn't want us to know" Well I can only tell you my side and show you the video. The video is not cut or edited either. I started filming because he was already saying outlandish things. That's why it starts randomly. He said a few things like "I won't give you my name but I have yours." and "This must be your first business class flight because you don't know anything"

Call me spoiled. Call me entitled. Call me whatever you want. Just don't tell me to shut up.


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